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Industrial Sheds

A steel shed can be the ideal solution for your commerical or industrial building needs.  

We offer a range of standard industrial shed designs including the following:

  • Bowen Industrial Building
  • Adelaide Industrial Building
  • Albany Industrial Building
  • Manly Industrial Building
  • Lismore Industrial Building
  • Noosa Industrial Building

While this is our standard range, all designs can be customised to suit your project requirements, and can be adapted to suit warehouses, small offices, large office buildings, carparks, storage facilities (just to name a few).

Sheds n Homes’ Industrial division has the capability to supply pre-engineered cold formed commercial sheds with clear spans of up to 30 metres, lengths of up to 200 metres and heights of over 7 metres. All of our industrial sheds and commercial buildings use high tensile steel coil in their components of 450MPa or more and are certified ShedSafe.

Benefits of Steel Industrial Sheds

Steel is an extremely robust material, yet it is also rather light in weight, effectively reducing the costs of your project due to a reduction in the need of heavy duty machinery; saving you on freight and labour costs.

Sheds n Homes commercial sheds offer significantly lower up-front costs, faster turnaround times and the flexibility to expand your shed in the future.

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